So many apps, some rather brilliant.

So many apps, some rather brilliant.

Software as a Service (cloud applications) has resulted in the creation of a huge array of applications. A couple relatively new ones have been bringing me much office joy.

I have always struggled with tracking tasks. Sure, our customer related tasks are well catered for by our client management software. But it's all those other internal tasks that often get recorded on paper, in emails, in Outlook tasks or even worse, in my head.

I was introduced recently to Trello (, an incredibly easy to use task management tool, free to use or a couple of hundred dollars per annum for your entire organisation if you want more control over security. It is so easy to create and manage tasks, share tasks collaboratively with your team and monitor progress and updates. I'd suggest you take a look.

I've also been using Mindmeister (, a mind-mapping and brainstorming tool. I find these tools invaluable for planning and process creation, and Mindmeister has the benefit of being easy to use and easy to share amongst colleagues. They offer a free trial, with the basic edition being about $5/month, and the group edition being $10/month.

I hope you find these useful.

Damian Ball, Manager Corporate Services

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