SECURITY ALERT - New Cryptolocker email variant

SECURITY ALERT - New Cryptolocker email variant

VISITS is issuing a warning to businesses to be extra vigilant with IT security, and educating staff about not opening unsolicited emails, links and attachments.

This follows our detection of a new variant Cryptolocker email attacking Australian businesses. Read more about the impacts of Cryptolocker.

As a follow up to the email alert we sent to clients yesterday (see below) and considering the ever-growing number of targeted malware attacks to Australian organisations, we have produced a short instructional video with advice on detecting malicious emails.

Watch the video and share it with people you know.


VISITS ALERT - Please Read Immediately – Cryptolocker email attacking Australian businesses

Last night at approximately 8:30pm AEST, we observed a new Cryptolocker email that is attacking Australian businesses.

This email is a variant of the "Australia Post" delivery notification email that circulated last year.

The subject line is "<email address> delivery notification".

The sender appears to be *

The message itself does not contain a virus, however, if you or your staff click on the link, it will take you to a website containing a form. If this form is completed the virus will download to your computer. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK

The virus encrypts the user’s computer data, rendering it unusable, and requests a (ransom) payment to decrypt it. It can also spread very quickly throughout networks by locking up common files and infecting other users’ computers.

In most instances your spam filters should detect and block this email, however, we are advising you in case this virulent and damaging email slips through your email protection systems.

What you should do 

1.    If you or your staff receive this email, delete it permanently from your email: Delete from your Inbox, then Delete from your Deleted Items folder.


3.    If you do open the email. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK inside the email.

4.    If you are concerned that you or a staff member’s computer has been infected, CALL VISITS IMMEDIATELY on 1300 300 979.

If you have any concerns about your email systems or that you have received the Cryptolocker email, please CALL VISITS IMMEDIATELY on 1300 300 979.

We will keep you informed of any new developments.


The VISITS Support Team


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