Maintaining business growth in a challenging and fast-paced world

Maintaining business growth in a challenging and fast-paced world

According to educator and former speech writer for the United States Supreme Court, Reed Markham, "If you are standing still, you are also going backwards. It takes great effort to maintain forward movement." I think we would all agree this is true sometimes in life, and definitely in business. The concern is that although you're doing well, are you doing enough? And is your competitor doing more?

What we know from working with organisations in a range of industries is there are various ways to improve efficiencies and increase the productivity of your staff, including changes to business operational style and modernising your technology. Technological change alone has delivered many enablers to productivity improvements.

Significantly, we can now work almost anywhere at any time. This absolute flexibility with time and space has enabled many small and medium sized organisations to make a leap forward in productivity gains, and with it, the added benefit of attracting talented staff who expect flexible working conditions.

So how do you get your people to be more productive from anywhere, and in turn help drive business growth?

Look for IT solutions that fit your needs, provide greater flexibility and accessibility to your systems and data, and deliver functionality to enable your staff work wherever and whenever you need them to. The solution also needs to be easily adopted by staff.

Office 365, Microsoft’s ‘Office in the Cloud’ solution delivers this flexibility and functionality. It enables businesses to operate remotely, while maintaining connectivity between staff, using the Office Apps they already know and love.

With Office 365 your people and teams can work from anywhere on any device, even if offline. This is a great feature – seamlessly access and work with your files and applications across your Windows devices, and if you are working offline, they’ll automatically sync once you’re back online. Updated files will also be immediately available to other staff or team members.

Also, the user experience across your devices will be seamless; users can switch between smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC seamlessly, providing access at the office, at home, or on the road. It may sound simple, but the productivity gains from easily accessing your current data and files using the same Office App may be considerable, not to mention reducing staff frustration trying to access varied systems and versions of documents.

Your data remains well-protected with Office 365. You have the flexibility of easy remote access and the peace of mind that your data is protected by Microsoft’s built-in security at every level of your technology platform, from server to PCs and mobile devices.

Office 365 is the next step many small and medium sized organisations are considering to modernise the way they do business, become more competitive, improve productivity and attract the right people.

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