Windows 8 - Our views and recommendations

Windows 8 - Our views and recommendations

The launch of Windows 8 last week received considerable media attention. The inevitable question is should you use Windows 8 on your next office PC purchase, or ‘downgrade’ back to Windows 7?

Advice for desktop and notebook computers

Windows 8 is a fast, stable and secure operating system, but you must ensure your existing software and hardware is compatible with the new operating system. A testing phase is highly recommended, and you may have to wait for other vendors to release software or driver updates.

Your staff will need training, as Windows 9 has some major interfact differences from previous operating systems.

Advice for tablets and smartphones

These devices are yet to be released for testing. We don't anticipate any issues with these devices, and expect they will be well received by the market. Our support teams will get some hands-on experience and training once the tablets and smartphones are available.

What is Windows 8?

The latest Microsoft Operating System, it is a significant change in direction and interface from previous operating systems.

There are effectively three different variations of Windows 8

  • Windows 8 (home) and Windows 8 Pro (business) for desktop/notebook computers, and more sophisticated tablets.
  • Windows 8 RT for standard cheaper tablets.
  • Windows Phone 8 for smartphones.
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