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  • Ending the Strike with Autonomous Trains

    Ending the Strike with Autonomous Trains

    Train drivers are on strike in Melbourne today. But within the decade, their jobs won't exist anyway! Autonomous trains are already operating in Australia. Self driving cars are not far away. And white-collar workers will see many of their jobs replaced by computer automation.

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  • Are you ready for the new Privacy Laws?

    Are you ready for the new Privacy Laws?

    In just one month, on 12 March 2014, new Privacy Laws come into effect in Australia. And there is every chance that your business needs to take steps to comply. New harsh penalties will also apply for breaches of these Privacy Laws.

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  • Solving the wrong problem?

    Solving the wrong problem?

    Recently, I was introduced to a Powerpoint alternative called Prezi. Having suffered through many 'death by powerpoint' presentations over the years (perhaps even inflicting some suffering on others), I was excited to try Prezi. But after spending a few hours with the software, I decided to cancel my subscription.

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