vApp is a suite of applications delivering the tools your business and staff need. Some can replace traditional on-premises software with Software as a Service, others help solve your business challenges.


The suite includes the following products


Your email server in the cloud, vAppMAIL provides a hosted Microsoft Exchange server, powered either by Microsoft Office365 or other Hosted Exchange providers depending on your specific requirements.

Quick to deploy, affordable and delivering high availability, it presents a good alternative to an on-premises Exchange Server.


vAppARCHIVE is VISITS’ hosted email archive solution.

Today, many organisations need to retain email communications for legal or commercial compliance, particularly those organisations dealing in the US or with US-based businesses.

Even if there is no compliance requirement, being able to retrieve emails and search across the entire organisation is good commercial practice.

In the absence of a guaranteed way of retrieving old emails, staff are usually hesitant to delete emails, creating an ever-increasing demand for storage space on your servers.

vAppARCHIVE offers a cloud-based email archiving solution with unlimited storage to retain every email sent and received from your organisation in a fully searchable database.

Every user can access and search their own mailbox, and designated administrators can search globally across the entire organisation’s email.


vAppSOCIAL delivers a private social network for your organisation.

vAppSOCIAL empowers your staff to be more productive and successful by enabling them to collaborate easily, make smarter decisions faster and self-organise into teams to take on challenges.

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