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"The best Managed Services company I have ever dealt with ..."

In the words of our own customers, the experience of partnering with VISITS is unique ... satisfyingly unique!


Our different approach to Managed IT Services

We understand that you invest in technology so your staff have the tools they need to be productive and efficient.

Apple or Orange

We manage your systems with an emphasis on avoiding problems in the first place, and keeping systems running at their peak performance. Outages and slow performance reduce the productivity of your staff and impact your bottom line.

We have a strong customer service focus, ensuring your staff are highly satisfied with your decision to engage VISITS for your IT support.

We offer a fixed-price service, giving you complete budget certainty. At the same time, we will identify ways of reducing your IT service costs, because we don't want to be doing unnecessary work any more than you want to be paying for it!

Our Managed Services are flexible and dynamic. They can grow or shrink as your organisation or needs change. They can supplement internal teams or deliver a fully outsourced IT function.

Your experience with VISITS

From Day 1

The decision to change IT providers is not always easy. Don't worry, we are very good at managing the process.

  • We will learn about your IT systems and fix any existing issues. We'll introduce ourselves to your other vendors, who we can then manage on your behalf.
  • More importantly, we will focus on your staff. We'll give them confidence in your decision to change providers, by introducing our team and answering any of their questions.

Managing your IT Systems

  • We will proactively monitor, maintain and optimise your IT systems, using world-class management tools and industry best-practice processes.
  • We will support your staff, fix any issues that arise and manage all of the day-to-day and larger-scale changes.
  • We will manage your other vendors, giving you a single point of contact for all IT matters if you prefer.
  • Onsite, service desk & online support is provided to make support efficient, and in recognition that 'face-to-face' time is still an important aspect of service.

The right advice

  • Bundled Consulting Services ensures that you receive professional advice with a focus on how technology can deliver better business outcomes and what technology you should choose.

Suited to your Organisation

VISITS Managed Services are enjoyed by a wide range of organisations, including:

  • National organisations with 500+ staff, spread throughout Australia.
  • Mid-sized organisations with offices in major capital cities.
  • Smaller organisations with just a single office.
  • Industries including construction, financial services, insurance, professional services, not-for-profit, education, manufacturing, industry and others.

We will tailor our services to your specific requirements and budget.

Time for better IT support?

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