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Unless you run a large IT Department, recruiting, training and managing your IT personnel and providing them with the necessary tools is complex, time consuming and expensive.

Because of our scale and experience, VISITS can provide you with all of the benefits of your own dedicated IT staff plus a lot more, at much the same cost.

The benefit of an internal IT person...

Personnel Services

Your dedicated engineer works from your office and reports directly to you, just as if they were directly employed by your organisation.

For all intents and purposes, they will feel and be treated as one of your team.



... with all the advantages of a VISITS employee

No employment hassles

We take care of all recruitment and employment. You never need to worry about recruitment costs, skills assessment, performance management, salary or other employment-related costs.

Mentoring and training

We provide comprehensive training and support, with the engineer having access to our extensive support team for mentoring and guidance. We train our people in best practices and instil a strong customer service ethic in all of our staff.

Flexibility in hours

You don't need to commit to a full time employee. You can choose to move between full-time and part-time, giving you incredible flexibility with your internal team.


We can provide your whole team with a professional ticket management system, improving your IT governance. We can also supply system management tools to drive efficiency in technology management practices.

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