Mobility and BYOD

Employee and company-owned mobile devices is a growing trend

A survey conducted in 2012 for VMware found 93% of surveyed organisations know that employees are using their own devices, and 51% of respondents (all executives) said they worked more efficiently when able to choose what web-based or customised software and apps they use at work (Read more)

Business users expect to be more agile and flexible when it comes to working arrangements and the devices they use.

mobility byodBecoming a ‘mobile workforce’ where your staff work remotely, using mobile devices of their choosing and accessing corporate data securely is the ideal for many organisations. It promises improved efficiency and productivity and happy staff.

This ‘consumerisation’ of IT and the proliferation of mobile devices (both company-owned and BYOD) presents new management issues to IT professionals - developing and implementing appropriate governance.

But… how do you manage it, ensure security and deliver what the business wants?

Security and control of data and access is important. Security is only good as the weakest link and mobility and BYOD can compromise security if not properly managed. In March 2014, the Privacy Amendment (Enhanced Privacy Protection) Act 2012 commences and places new and increased responsibilities on business to protect private customer data. Do you comply?

We can help

VISITS can help your organisation implement mobility & BYOD security solutions and provide support for multivendor, employee and company-owned, consumer-class devices (e.g. iPhone, Android and Windows).

We can further assist with the development and implementation of usage policies and procedures, which may cover:

  • the access, storage and retrieval of sensitive information on devices,
  • deleting corporate information if a device is reported lost or stolen, and
  • the application of password and security requirements.

The ultimate goal for your business is an environment that provides anywhere, anytime, any-device access, whilst ensuring your data and systems are safe from loss or unauthorised access.

BYOD or mobile workforce on your agenda?

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