CISO as a Service

Less talk, more action!

Today’s cyber threat landscape

The 2021 financial year saw a significant increase in cyber attacks against Australian businesses, with over 67,000 cybercrimes reported to the ACSC. In both volume and complexity, this escalating threat cost us a massive $33 billion. To put it bluntly, cyber security is not something any organisation can afford to neglect.

The unfortunate reality is data breaches can occur for a myriad of reasons, and the weakest links are the ones that are exploited. A comprehensive and systematic approach to assessing needs, analysing current controls and implementing improvements plays a significant role in protecting an organisation.

The good news? The fact that you are reading this means you understand the importance of protecting your data and systems from external and internal threats. The key to generating comprehensive protection and effective threat mitigation is a robust and customised cyber framework that is not merely a report but an evolving strategy that is consistently delivered, reviewed and acted upon.

This is where VISITS Security can help with their comprehensive cyber security management solution CISOaaS.

Our cyber security difference - Less talk, more action

Most prominent cyber frameworks (e.g. the ASD Essential Eight, NIST, CMMC) unfortunately lack adoption amongst small to mid-market businesses due to their complexity, costs and extensive implementation requirements.

Our VISITS’ Cyber Framework is adapted and built on the principle of less talk, more action.

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Simplified and relevant security controls to help you prioritise your security initiatives

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We provide non-technical explanations of these controls to ensure you understand the purpose of each.

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We make compliance easy to understand, implement and maintain for consistent long term security.

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We build a priority list of improvements and progressively work with you to implement them.

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We spend your limited budget on improving cyber security rather than spending it on audits and reports.

Customised to your budget

Rather than a costly project around analysis and advisory services, our goal of methodical and tangible cyber improvements are made step by step over time providing flexibility for long term cyber that does not break the budget.

Our CISO Services

Our CISO as a Service offering is built upon a suite of services that puts our homegrown cyber security framework into action. We mobilise the controls of this framework to enable comprehensive risk mitigation and robust security outcomes. These services include:


Complimentary cyber discovery session

Knowing where to start and identifying what security components need the most attention and budget allocation can be incredibly challenging. With this in mind, VISITS are offering a complimentary cyber discovery session.

Over 90 minutes, we will conduct a cyber fact-finding consultation to identify your maturity level and the gaps in your current cyber security. We will then outline where you need to focus most on improving security and risk mitigation.

Simply provide your details below, and one of our cyber security experts will reach out for a no-obligation consultation.