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Revitalising 5Ways Foodservice: Overcoming Telecom Challenges for Optimal Business Services

Introducing 5Ways

Established in 2001, 5Ways Foodservice is a family-owned and operated food distribution business, proudly servicing metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. As a leading food distributor, 5Ways Foodservice consistently delivers outstanding customer service and in-depth industry expertise, ensuring a superior customer experience.

5Ways Foodservice’s modern, fit-for-purpose facility is situated adjacent to numerous transport arterials, promoting operational efficiency. Additionally, 5Ways Foodservice demonstrates a strong commitment to quality by maintaining certifications in both HACCP Food Safety System and Quality Management System.

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The situation

5Ways Foodservice is a crucial player in the food distribution sector in Victoria. As they faced an urgentNBN rollout deadline, outdated equipment, and a lack of visibility into their telephony operations, it became apparent that improvements were necessary to ensure optimal customer service and meet staff needs. These challenges also highlighted the importance of having a future-proof solution and the critical need for real-time interactions with customers due to the nature of their business. 

To adapt to the shifting landscape and maintain the high benchmarks of quality service their customers expect, 5Ways Foodservice needed to transform their traditional operations, particularly in communication and collaboration. Their existing phone system was insufficient, failing to provide therequired functionality and real-time flexibility for their dynamic business operations.

Additionally, the numerous applications they used for day-to-day operations led to time-consuming inefficiencies and potential security risks for their data. This underscored the urgent need to upgrade to a modern solution capable of equipping their team with real-time communications and customer support capabilities from any location at any time while simultaneously streamlining their operations with a reduced roster of applications.


VISITS, having already collaborated with 5Ways Foodservice for 18 months as their managed service provider, demonstrated their expertise and commitment to enhancing the company’s IT environment. Their experience in devising a comprehensive roadmap made them the perfect candidate to address the urgent communication project.

In response to the challenges faced by 5Ways Foodservice, VISITS deployed the cutting-edge iCall Suite for the call centre. The focus was on dashboard reporting and management. This solution allowed for seamless and efficient communication, empowering the company to address their customer service and operational needs effectively.

Before the deployment, VISITS’ skilled engineers conducted a thorough scoping process, identifying key issues that needed to be addressed. This essential step ensured a smooth and successful implementation of the iCall Suite in 5Ways Foodservice’s communication infrastructure.

VISITS managed the project meticulously, overseeing hardware procurement, project management, testing, and change management. They prioritized the prevention and mitigation of potential issues or downtime, ensuring a seamless transition and an efficient go-live process for 5Ways Foodservice.


The deployment was successfully undertaken and completed on schedule. VISITS engineering experience enabled them to be adept at dealing with the nuances of 5Ways Foodservice complex IT environment, overcoming deployment issues and continuing to fine tune the employment after it went live. The business increased transparency for management, who gained clearer visibility of both inbound and outbound calls. Staff could collaborate and communicate with customers and each other securely and efficiently without juggling applications and experiencing delays.

5Ways Foodservice can now better allocate their resources across the business, enabling them to manage workloads better and plan ahead with accuracy. They retained the ability to utilise softphones that VISITS configured into the Microsoft Teams calling system for internal and external calls, saving costs and the need to onboard and learn new devices. Ultimately, 5Ways Foodservice has already realised true cost savings compared to their original system and applications with gained features and functionalities that improve customer service and support and their overall operations across the business. 5Ways Foodservice IT environment was enhanced with added functionality through the selected and provided them with a consolidated suite of applications that helped drive operational efficiency whilst also delivering a core communications platform for their team to drive customer interactions and collaborate effectively from anywhere.

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