Cyber security guide for Executives in the Aged Care sector

Our comprehensive and complimentary guide to the world of Cyber Security for secure management and operations in Aged Care.


Technology and cyber threats have undergone massive changes in recent years. The security practices of even a few years ago are no longer sufficient or suitable to secure your organisation against the growing volume and sophistication of cyber threats.

In Aged Care and Healthcare, in particular, digital transformation is putting more sensitive personal and medical information online, resulting in significant targeted attacks on the industry.

Security has moved from an IT responsibility to a challenge involving the entire organisation, including HR, marketing, finance, and operations. As a result, the organisations’ leadership must understand and guide the cyber security strategy to ensure the whole business follows through.

We have developed the Aged Care Cyber Security guide to provide non-technical executives with a broad range of high-level explanations about cyber threats and defences. It will help you ask the right questions and understand the security technologies and practices your business is currently employing or not employing.

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Cyber security in 2022: Get familiar with the fundamentals

Cyber security in 2022

Get familiar with the fundamentals


Cyber threat mitigation planning: Identify the framework

Cyber threat mitigation planning

Identify the framework


Cyber threat landscape breakdown: Learn how hackers hack

Cyber threat landscape breakdown

Learn how hackers hack


Cyber security defences: From Firewalls to patching, explore the security controls

Cyber security defences

From Firewalls to patching, explore the security controls


Response time Is crucial: What you need to do in the event of a breach

Response time Is crucial

What you need to do in the event of a breach


Next steps: How VISITS fits into your cyber strategy

Next steps

How VISITS fits into your cyber strategy

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