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"Our projects are successful because we go beyond the technical ... we never forget the human element, how changes impact on your staff, the need for communication and the little things that give your staff confidence in your decision to invest in IT".

Delivering successful projects

We understand our clients make a significant financial investment in IT projects and accordingly expect successful outcomes, on-time delivery and within budgets.

VISITS' project management team has considerable experience delivering successful outcomes across all areas of ‘traditional’ IT infrastructure projects and in emerging technologies. These have included cloud-based services, multi-site and remote connectivity and mobility and BYOD.

We manage changes and projects of all sizes, offering genuine fixed price options for most projects, and follow best practice project management methodologies.

Focussed on your entire business

Effective communication during projects is key to success and one of our highest priorities.

We keep you well-informed and ensure you understand exactly how the project is going.
No surprises.

Just as importantly, we consider the impact on your staff, particularly when projects change the tools they use. We consider:

  • Are they ready for the change?
  • Do they support the change, and if not, how should the human aspect of the change management process be managed?
  • What training will they need to ensure you extract maximum value from your investment?
  • How will planned outages be communicated?

A strength of our team is understanding your business requirements and delivering results.

We appreciate you have time constraints and financial budgets, and that you may be less concerned with the technical detail of your project than the business case behind it.

We never lose site of the business objectives of a project. From the detailed planning that precedes the start of the project, to the way we handle any unforeseen obstacles, our focus is delivering your outcomes with minimal fuss and inconvenience.

Client projects we've delivered

Our project team has transformed the IT experience for hundreds of organisations.

For example, VISITS worked closely with ATSE (the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering) to upgrade their user hardware and vital back end infrastructure.

ATSE was delighted with how VISITS ran the project and the results:

  • staff are more efficient as they no longer experience downtime
  • support requests are at an all time low, and
  • ATSE's IT systems just work - as they expect them to

Don't just take our word for it. Watch the video.

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Projects delivered on-time, on-budget and with a client service focus you have never experienced before

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