A password manager
is a must-have for
any organisation.

Mitigate against risk and impact of data breaches by using PasswordGuard (powered by Keeper) to create random, high-strength passwords for your websites/applications and store them in a secure vault.

Key features


A private vault for every employee

Everyone gets a private vault to store and manage their passwords, files and private client data. Store credit cards, ID and other sensitive data.


Shared folders for your teams and projects

Securely create, share and manage both individual records and encrypted folders across teams or individual users.


Secure file storage

Protect sensitive documents and files, maintaining same security controls as passwords.


Version control and record history

Access a full history of records, view previous versions, see what's changed and recover records at any time.

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Password security audit score and reporting

Visibility into your password security with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.

PasswordGuard is powered by Keeper, which protects your business with market-leading security.

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Keeper has the longest standing SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and TRUSTe certification in the industry. Keeper’s ISMS will ensure that strict security controls are in place to protect customer data and ensure secure operation of the products and services.

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Private master password

Only the user has knowledge of and access to their Master Password and key that is used to encrypt and decrypt their information.


Multi-factor authentication

Keeper supports MFA, biometric login and Keeper DNA which uses the Apple Watch or Android Wear device to confirm your identity.


Strongest encryption

Keeper protects your information with AES 256-bit encryption and PBKDF2, widely accepted as the strongest encryption available.


Secure & reliable cloud vault

Keeper utilises Amazon AWS in multiple geographic locations to host and operate the Keeper Vault. Data at rest and in transit is fully isolated.


Deep-level encryption

User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level not on Keeper's servers or in the cloud.

Editions & pricing

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Our support

Our support includes the following features:


Assist your staff with using Keeper

We’ll help individuals with questions and issues when using the Vault


Deployment of Keeper software

If we manage your computer fleet, we’ll install and manage the Keeper client and browser plugins.


Training content on our hubl portal

Access tips and information on how to use Keeper, managing passwords and other cybersecurity content.


User account management

We manage users and teams on your behalf.

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