Roundtable EVENT

2023 Cyber Threats: What you need to know

Due to the high level of interest and enthusiasm resulting from our recent cyber event, we are doing it all again! We will be diving deeper into the cyber threat landscape of 2023 and what you need to know to remain resilient and secure. Register your details below to stay tuned.

This will be a hybrid event for virtual and physical attendees (14 seats max.) to ensure nobody misses out!

Event Outline

Technology and cyber threats have undergone significant changes in recent years. The security practices of even a few years ago are no longer sufficient or suitable for today’s environment.

Organisations are rapidly adapting to provide flexible work environments and digital services for customers with much-needed digital transformations. However, this is creating more avenues for cyber breaches and attacks with an abundance of sensitive business and customer information now being available online.

In this Executive Briefing, we examine the shifting digital landscape and the opportunities this presents for cyber attacks, and highlight strategies for protecting your organisation in 2023 and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Australian Organisations in 2022: A lucrative target for cyber criminals
  • Human error: The most significant contributor to cyber breaches
  • Protect everything and everyone: Your weakest link will be targeted
  • Make your money count: Focus your limited cyber security spend on the most beneficial areas
  • Leadership Buy-In: Executive understanding and sponsorship is essential
  • Your Plan in Motion: The blueprint for effective cyber security spending for FY23

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Rod Nirens, Microsoft

Rod heads up the Victorian Health business at Microsoft and is responsible for providing thought leadership, vision, and strategy across the sector. He has a passion for applying technology to improve the overall clinical experience, focusing on business technology risk and compliance. He has the drive to motivate individuals to achieve their very best, supporting a strong team culture.


Adam Feldman, VISITS

Adam is the founder and Managing Director at VISITS and is responsible for the company's management, vision, and strategic direction. Adam lives and breathes technology and is passionate about our mission to make our clients' lives easier.

Paul Kallenbach, MinterEllison

Paul is an experienced technology and intellectual property lawyer and partner at MinterEllison, Australia’s largest law firm. Paul has a knack for cutting to the core of technology issues and the legal and commercial complexities that underpin them. He brings to the event a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology contracts, licensing, joint ventures, internet and eCommerce law, intellectual property and all things cyber, privacy and data protection.

Blare Sutton, McGrath Nichol

Blare is an IT professional who regularly manages highly sensitive engagements involving internal and external actors, law enforcement, financial institutions and civil remedies. He specialises in understanding business processes, regulatory frameworks and jurisdictional requirements to provide practical solutions to technological issues. With a background in IT Advisory and Implementation, Blare specialises in Cyber (Risk, Resilience & Incident Response), Digital Forensics and eDiscovery.