IT Solutions for Aged Care

Empowering Aged Care Through Technology


IT Solutions for Aged Care

Empowering Aged Care Through Technology


“There aren’t enough hours in the day."

This phrase is uttered by all of us at one point or another, especially when facing tight deadlines, a crucial project or having people relying on us. The hard-working staff in Australia’s Aged Care industry tick all of these boxes with their work supporting our most vulnerable Australians and providing them the extra care and support they need to retain a quality life. COVID further complicates matters for Aged Care with rapidly shifting regulations and compliance obligations to manage.

While technology has yet to find a way to literally turn back the clock, a professionally managed IT solution can claw back the hours wasted on manual tasks.

VISITS specialise in delivering the following outcomes for aged care


A better overall experience for Aged Care staff and residents.


Security, risk management, governance and compliance.


Modernisation of the workplace and processes through the latest collaboration and communication technologies.


Flexibility by moving operations to the cloud.


End-to-end technology strategies encompassing employees, support staff, residents and guests.


Reduce manual processes through Automation and modern solutions


Business Solutions

Our team of specialists manage a broad range of technologies to suit any sized Aged Care organisation.

Our focus is on providing the benefits of world class technology and support to streamline your processes and free up time for your team for more important things.


Modern Workplace

We deliver and support technologies which modernise Aged Care facilities through computer and device support, empowering staff mobilty, collaboration and efficiency wherever they are needed. 

From nurse trolley mobility tools to medical wireless comms devices, when it comes to empowering Aged Care with technology, VISITS has you covered.  


Consulting Services

Investing in IT can be a potentially costly exercise, so contributing budget towards any tech based solution needs experienced advice and trusted support. 

VISITS brings years of expertise on all things digital and IT to the table and will guide your aged care digital transformation including specialised Aged Care technologies and traditional IT  to simplify outcomes, and provide more effective and efficient care.


Security & Data

Avoid costly data and compliance breaches by placing your data in experienced hands. 

VISITS provides all aspects your organisation needs to stay on top of your security requirements including risk management, identity and access management, threat detection, endpoint security, and backup and recovery.


Networks & Platforms

Ensure your Aged Care facilities have robust and reliable networks and infrastructure to support your technology play.  

VISITS are experts at delivering and supporting complex facility-wide networks, cloud and infrastructure.

Our process to set up your aged care facility for technology-powered success

Technology can sure get complex. To stay on top of the benefits the latest innovations can deliver our customers, we break down business technology into 5 core pillars. A transformation project to truly succeed and deliver organisation wide benefits needs to incorporate focus on each pillar. They are as follows:


VISITS have been at the forefront of the Australian IT scene since the 90’s, supporting Aged Care, business and education. 

With more than 20 years experience in the Aged Care sector, we have been part of major digital transformations and a partner in the ongoing growth of this sector. 

Today we successfully provide our tried and true formula of industry expertise, world class technology, customer commitment and support to deliver our Aged Care customers some technology fuelled peace of mind, and returning the hours previously lost in their day to redundant, manual tasks.


If your Aged Care organisation is in need of more hours in it’s day by leveraging some experienced IT support and services, please get in touch with our team and start your journey.