Cyber Security Post COVID. A Senior Management guide to threats and mitigation strategies


Does your Executive Team understand cyber-security to make informed decisions about threats and security?

Most organisations don’t realise their true exposure until they get hacked. With the average cyber attack costing SMB's in Australia $276,000, you can't afford to wait!

Join our Virtual Event to learn how hackers exploit weaknesses in your processes and technology and discover how to protect your organisation from an attack.  

Topics Covered:  

  •  Security Post COVID - why it's more important than ever.  
  • The most common types of security breaches and how to protect against them. 
  • The importance of people and culture to security. 
  • How to prioritise your limited security budget - what you definitely need, what's good to have and what can wait.  

This session is suitable for non-technical senior management responsible for their organisation's security or IT Managers who need support from their organisation. This presentation is aimed at mid-market businesses but is also suitable for non-technical executives in larger organisations or growing small businesses.  

Presented by  

  • Adam Feldman, Managing Director
  • Dean Elturk, Cyber Security Specialist
  • Hosted by David Williams, Sales Director 

When: Thursday June 3 at 11am AEST

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