Microsoft Teams overtakes Slack

Teams overtakes Slack and is unstoppable

Last month, Microsoft released its latest Teams usage data showing more than 13 million people use Microsoft Teams daily, and more than 19 million weekly. Launched just a few years ago, Teams has achieved the fastest uptake of any Microsoft software.

Teams has now overtaken Slack as the #1 collaboration tool and for good reason: Teams is so much more than a collaboration tool. Combined with other powerful tools in the Office 365 suite, it's a complete business productivity solution that is gaining huge popularity.

And improvements keep coming. Microsoft is listening to its user base and currently has 104 new features under development.


These upcoming feature releases are exciting:

  • Private Channels giving you more control over permissions within a team.
  • Fast Tenant Switching followed by true multi-tenant support, which will be welcome news for anyone who uses Teams in more than one organisation.
  • Priority Notifications which ping a recipient every 2 minutes until they respond - ideal for Aged Care, hospital and security companies where urgent responses from staff may be required.

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