4 reasons to leverage Microsoft Teams phones for Unified Communications

4 reasons to leverage Microsoft Teams phones for Unified Communications

The future of hybrid work sits in Unified Communications (UC). Many articles about the detriments of remote and hybrid work have cited app switching as a key cause of fatigue and frustration among knowledge workers. It has become clear that businesses need single platforms that deliver a robust communication stack.

Microsoft Teams Phone has become one of the key platforms for meeting companies’ UC needs. And for a good reason – it is a powerful platform that centralises all communication and enables smooth collaboration alongside it. Microsoft Teams Phone creates a single space for everyone to refer to throughout the workday.

Replace legacy, on-premise phone systems

Legacy phone systems leverage the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to make calls, a system that existed throughout the twentieth century. I think we can agree that the system may have become slightly outdated. The UK even plan to switch off their PTSN network in 2025.

Microsoft Teams Phone leverages Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to support calling from any location or device with an internet connection. The phone on your desk will no longer restrict you. That is simply one reason why I recommend implementing MS Teams Phone. Other reasons include:

  1. Subscription-based pricing: Microsoft delivers a per-user licence model where you pay the same for each person leveraging Microsoft Teams Phone, no matter how much time they spend on calls.
  2. Work solely in Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Phone enables navigation between chat, video calling, and file sharing without the person ever leaving the Microsoft Teams platform.
  3. Personalise call settings: Users can customise settings on how they receive and redirect calls. Because the system connects via Microsoft Teams, users do not need to share their phone numbers to be contactable.

Either way, Microsoft Teams Phone allows you to take full advantage of the latest UC solutions.

More functionality than a traditional phone system

Microsoft Teams Phone provides the features that you would expect from a regular phone system, plus the ability to do so much more. The features that stand out in Microsoft Teams Phone are:

  • The auto attendant allows you to redirect internal and external callers to specific people or departments within your organisation.
  • Seamless calling between Microsoft Teams calls and traditional (PSTN) calls to landline and mobile numbers.
  • Voicemail transcription sends a recording and transcript of the message to your Exchange inbox. You can also listen to voicemail messages on your phone or PC.
  • When calling someone or adding them to a conference call, you can check their presence status. Once you have confirmed someone's availability, you can include them in the conference call without putting the other people on hold.
  • You can easily manage Microsoft Teams Phone with the web-based administration portal. This portal makes it easy to add or remove users and change settings and preferences.
  • The administration portal provides detailed reports on usage and performance so you can proactively troubleshoot issues and ensure that all Microsoft Teams phones work properly.
  • Access reports about individual users across the organisation. Activity reports are available whether you leverage Microsoft Calling Plans or your telephony supplier through Direct Routing.

Simplify communication

Internal communication is a critical part of any business. Whether you are coordinating a meeting, discussing a project, or just trying to stay in touch with your team, having the right tools makes all the difference.

Microsoft Teams Phone makes communicating with people internally and externally a simple endeavour. I am sure you can remember when you had to call someone but did not have their phone number and had to ask a colleague for it. Perhaps the person did not answer, so you left a voicemail, but felt unsure about when you would hear back.

Microsoft Teams Phone eliminates the hurdles of this convoluted process by simplifying it in the following ways:

  • Contacting someone is as simple as finding them in the address book and calling them via Microsoft Teams Phone.
  • The presence indicator is a great feature of Microsoft Teams Phones that simplifies communication. It lets you know who is available and who is not, so you can easily connect with the right person.
  • Microsoft Teams also simplifies external communication by easily connecting you with clients and customers via the team chat feature.

Microsoft Teams fully integrates with Microsoft 365, which means you can use it to power your entire business communications strategy.

Optimise business collaboration and work anywhere

As hybrid work has overtaken our approach to work, technology that delivers collaborative experiences takes priority. One-on-one voice calls can no longer support a business like they used to. People need solutions that build on this experience by making calls from within the Microsoft Teams platform, sending instant messages, and hosting video meetings.

Microsoft Teams Phone allows people to work from anywhere by leveraging VoIP on any device with Microsoft Teams installed. So, you are no longer restricted to making calls on your phone and can maintain collaboration with colleagues and clients wherever you have an internet connection.

External collaboration becomes easier by enabling you to connect with external organisations via VoIP-based voice or video calling. The feature also allows you to screen share and send instant messages to your clients while on the phone with them.

Improved collaboration leads to better workflows and more efficient communication overall.

VISITS implements and supports Microsoft Teams Phone

Our Microsoft Teams Phone offering delivers all the benefits of Microsoft’s Unified Communication solution, backed by VISITS’ first-class support. We not only implement Microsoft Teams Phone, we also train your staff on usage as new features come out.

Our platform provides extended functionality, such as:

  • A full contact centre solution including analytics and wallboards.
  • Hybrid calling between Microsoft Teams and Webex.
  • A reception console.
  • Integration with other SIP-based solutions.

Take a look at our Microsoft Teams Phone page for more on how VISITS can empower your organisation with the latest technology.

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