Which Office 365 License?

Microsoft offers more than ten different Office 365 plans. Here's our recommendation.
Advice for

< 250 Staff

No Remote Desktop Server

Key Point 1

You can mix-and-match Office 365 licenses. Although it's simpler to manage if you limit the variety.

Key Point 2

Licensing is per-user. Pricing is per-user per month (ex GST).

Key Point 3

To choose the right license for each user, you need to consider the following 3 factors:

  1. Do you need Office Software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) for their computer?
  2. Do you need any Office 365 Cloud Services (Email, Teams, Sharepoint etc)?
  3. With the Cloud Services, do you also need Data Protection / Compliance features?

Based on your answers to the above, use the following table to choose the most appropriate Office 365 license type.


Office 365 Data Protection

We strongly recommend this for any business who has data protection, retention or compliance needs including any business in the financial, legal and aged-care industries and highly recommend it for everyone else.

Features including Retention Policies and Litigation Hold allow you to stop staff from deleting data whilst Data Loss Prevention allows you to protect sensitive data leaving your organization.

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