3 ways to procure hardware with a managed services provider

3 ways to procure hardware with a managed services provider


Hardware procurement has become a challenging endeavour in recent years. High demand for technology has created shortages, and supply chain disruptions have lengthened the time we spend waiting for backordered devices.

The semiconductor shortage especially has created obstacles in procuring hardware. These chips are one of the most important pieces of hardware used in devices, and we simply do not have enough available right now. It has created a situation where it is difficult for businesses to procure the hardware their staff need. The shortage has impacted companies since the beginning of 2021, and it is unsure when the supply chain will return to normal.

When procuring hardware for your business, having a managed services provider (MSP) can be incredibly helpful. They can smoothen the process by selecting the right devices for your business and procuring these through vendor relationships.

Choosing the right hardware solutions for your business

It is not enough to procure the latest devices for your business. You need devices that meet the specific requirements, and it is not worth spending money on devices too overpowered for your needs. Before procuring hardware, you must know your needs and any current problems to select hardware that properly supports your users.

MSPs have experience procuring hardware best suited to your business needs and can advise which solutions will work best for you. They can identify the gaps in your current hardware setup and design a procurement strategy that includes the devices for addressing these gaps.

Obtain devices directly from vendors

MSPs are an excellent choice in supporting hardware procurement due to their partnerships with vendors. MSPs leverage these relationships for hardware and software procurement at a lower price than regular retail pricing.

Vendor management is a key part of an MSP’s business model. MSPs must carefully select the vendors with whom they work.

Managing and monitoring hardware

A good MSP will have a team of experts managing and monitoring hardware. They will be able to advise you on the best type of hardware to purchase for your needs, as well as support you in maintaining and repairing your devices.

An MSP can also help you stay up-to-date with the latest hardware trends and technologies, ensuring that you always have the most effective devices for your business. In addition, an MSP can provide valuable insights into your usage patterns and help you optimise your hardware utilisation.

How VISITS procure hardware for your business

Your business needs technology that enables your team to work effectively and meet the business’ goals. Our team of specialists manage a broad range of technologies across mid-market, education and growing small business.

We deliver business-focused technology, from hyper-converged infrastructure and complex cloud to basic computer support. Why managed services? Visit our Managed Services – IT managed support services page for more on our capabilities.

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