Why work with a managed IT services provider?

Why work with a managed IT services provider

Your business relies on technology. Whether your workforce operates in-office, remotely or in a hybrid fashion, it is technology that enables people to communicate, collaborate and deliver value to the organisation.

Your IT infrastructure will have many aspects to it. You need the right devices, software licences, cyber security protections, etc. And technology evolves at a continuous rate, making it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and advancements.

That is where managed IT service providers come in. They can oversee all your IT needs, from hardware and software updates to network security and data backup. So, how can managed IT services help your business?

Cost savings

Managed IT providers offer some excellent benefits regarding cost savings.

A key reason is that they provide predictable monthly pricing. A managed IT services provider will deliver the terms in your Service Level Agreement (SLA), which might include maintenance, hardware procurement, cyber security, cloud solutions, etc. You pay a fixed monthly price to receive your agreed services without worrying about fluctuating prices.

In addition, managed IT providers can offer reduced product prices for hardware and software procurement. For example, they can provide you with a deal to procure the devices you need, set them up and monitor them over time to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Hiring IT talent in-house can also be a costly endeavour; regarding cash and resources such as time. A managed IT services provider delivers the breadth of expertise you need without the costs of hiring in-house expertise.

Scale your business

As your business grows, so does the need for reliable and efficient technology. Scaling your business becomes problematic when you and your team lose time resolving minor IT issues or grappling with legacy technology. An IT managed services for business provider can help take your business to the next level by providing the technology and support you need to scale.

Cyber security

Robust cyber security has become a must-have for businesses of all sizes. A single cyber attack can compromise your corporate and customer data. It is challenging to recover from such attacks, primarily because of the issues caused by lost data and reputational damage.

A managed IT services provider can deliver the protection you need to keep your business safe from online threats. They have the capabilities to monitor your environment, find potential threats and resolve them before they become more significant problems.

I also recommend working with a managed IT provider that delivers staff training to prevent cyber attacks that attempt to breach your company through social engineering. If a threat does arise, they can deliver the actions needed to resolve the issue quickly and support business recovery and continuity.

Technology procurement from vendors

Procuring hardware has become especially difficult recently due to the semiconductor shortage. A managed IT provider can save you the difficulty of obtaining devices because they have partnerships with vendors and can find methods for procuring the devices you need, often at a competitive price.

A managed IT services for businesses provider will not only recommend the latest and greatest technology. They will recommend hardware best suited to your needs to ensure you do not pay more than necessary.

Access to IT expertise

Hiring the right person for any in-house role is already tricky at the best times. The current talent shortage means finding and hiring the right IT talent has become increasingly difficult. 

Rather than hiring the expertise you need, a managed IT services provider gives you access to IT experts with the breadth of knowledge required to manage all aspects of your IT. You will gain access to a full-stack IT team who can set up your devices, support your users and be your consultants on new projects.

Modern technology changes quickly, and managed IT providers keep abreast of these changes and provide the right guidance for your business. They will monitor your infrastructure to ensure you receive the necessary updates and support you through the transition process when you adopt new hardware or software.

Managed IT services with VISITS

Your business needs technology that enables your team to work effectively and meet the business goals. Our team of specialists manage a broad range of technologies across mid-market, education and growing small business.

We deliver business-focussed technology strategies and solutions, from hyper-converged infrastructure and complex cloud to basic computer support. Why managed services? Visit our IT managed support services page for more on our capabilities.


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