Teams is the Modern Office

Microsoft's growth is great news for your business.

Back in August last year, we spoke about Microsoft Teams overtaking Slack as the preferred collaboration tool in business [Teams overtakes Slack].

Slack's CEO, Stewart Butterfield didn't seem too concerned, at least publicly, claiming in October that "what's really matters is that users love its app a lot". Unfortunately for Slack, their market performance since their June 19 listing has the wrong trajectory.

Teams vs Slack

Microsoft's domination with Office 365 and Teams is great news for your business or organisation. The solution is now very mature, feature packed and reliable, and new features are being released continuously.

Clients who have embraced Teams have transformed their business into a modern workplace. Clients are reporting reductions of more than 80% in internal emails. And whilst it's hard to accurately assess productivity increases, clients are reporting significant improvements in collaboration, knowledge sharing and work flexibility.

Many of our clients have achieved true cloud with retirement of all servers. All have significantly reduced their infrastructure investments.

Over the last decade, Microsoft has really transformed itself. It is trusted in government and business (Microsoft has not been the subject of antitrust actions which Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and others are facing, having learned from their own challenges many years ago).

Deployments of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 is our #1 project at the moment. We're running regular Hour of Power events on Office 365 if you want to find out more.

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